A lot has changed for Canadian credit unions and credit union members since the COVID-19 crisis was declared a global pandemic on March 11:

  • A global health crisis became very real for every Canadian,
  • Everyone has experienced limited access to physical travel and CU branch networks,
  • Extreme financial market volatility has become common,
  • Job losses and immediate liquidity needs are impacting most families, and
  • There’s an increased reliance on digital and mobile technology for daily life.

In the Canadian Credit Union industry, the current COVID-19 pandemic has thrust digital banking into the forefront even more so than before. With limited ability to complete face-to-face transactions and appointments in branch, both credit unions and members are searching for ways to complete self-serve transactions online, including origination activities.

The reality is that without digital account opening and digital lending capability, many credit unions are going to be forced to sit on the sidelines and watch as other, more digitally equipped credit unions, banks and alternate FIs move to acquire members looking for a more fulsome self-serve digital experience. Consumers’ expectations of their financial institutions have changed forever. How will you change to meet these expectations?

We firmly believe that as strong community partners for small businesses, non-profit organizations, and individual retail banking members, Canadian credit unions have an opportunity to stand out as leaders and to support members during these uncertain times.

As a key partner to over 20 Canadian CU brands today, is also prepared to act as leader during this challenging time and support the credit union system.

Over the past 4 years, we have developed ASAPP OXP - Canada's most complete account and lending origination solution. During this challenging time, ASAPP has created a special Digital Onboarding Offer that we would like to share with you today.

Some key highlights of this offer:

  • 4-week rapid go-live window
  • Full implementation and configuration support, which is  handled remotely by our experienced team.
  • 5 pre-configured market-ready products (limited decisions required by your CU to launch)
  • Special incentive pricing - 41.5% discount and no up-front fees
  • Limited investment risk with shortened 12-month contract
  • Optional digital product launch campaign

The Big 5 Banks have launched very aggressive digital marketing and digitally delivered product campaigns and they fully intend to win share-of-wallet and be seen as the financial service champions for Canadians during this difficult period. We know that is not their place of strength. This is a position that Canadian credit unions need to protect and grow from but having the right technology solution is imperative to achieve those goals. ASAPP OXP is that solution.

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Digital Onboarding Offer

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