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Our Story

Not your average Canadian fintech

Our Story

ASAPP Financial Technology Inc. and the ASAPP OXP | Omnichannel Experience Platform wasn’t born overnight. It’s the result of two decades of experience working with credit unions across Canada. Our company was originally founded in March 2001 as Lucidia, a pure-play web development shop in Sault Ste. Marie. Over the years, we grew to become Northern Ontario’s largest full-service, results-driven marketing agency, and in 2010 we opened a second office in Toronto.

As we worked closely with credit unions over many years, we identified a common issue: while they were great with member relationships, they required technology support to meet the demands of the modern consumer. More specifically, there was a need to move to frictionless, anytime, anywhere, any device access to financial products, services and tools. The benefits of this model were clear to us – more members, more loans, more deposits, greater engagement and member satisfaction and, ultimately, a greater ROI for our Client-Partners.

In the Fall of 2013, we worked closely with DUCA Financial Services Credit Union, supporting their rebranding and product strategy. Concurrently, we were presented a challenge to build a custom account origination solution that would allow DUCA to open accounts without a member stepping-foot inside a branch. From this engagement, SNAPP, a custom AOS solution was born in January 2014. It made an immediate impact, enrolling a record number of new members upon launch.


“Our platform is the glue that connects your members, digital and core banking systems and credit union team.”

- JR Pierman, President & CEO


In time, we improved upon on SNAPP and added new functionality. Our experience building SNAPP for DUCA, and later configuring it for Alterna, helped us to gain better insight around the need to create a holistic omnichannel experience platform that would act as the glue between members, digital banking, core banking and credit union teams.


In November 2014, after months of internal planning, UX design and development effort, we completed ASAPP version 1.0. Our platform took further shape as it was refined in conjunction with our strategic partnership with Northern Credit Union and implemented in October 2015. In the Spring of 2016, the ASAPP brand was officially launched at the CCUA National Conference in Saskatoon. Since then, we've expanded platform functionality, supported many credit-union-directed product enhancements and established ourselves as a leader in omnichannel account and lending origination in Canada.

Now, the ASAPP OXP | Omnichannel Experience Platform vision is fully realized with the addition of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Opportunity Management feature sets, incorporated through the ASAPP OXP Team Portal™. This platform expansion further cements ASAPP’s position as Canada’s most complete omnichannel experience platform and supports our mission to help credit unions compete effectively against direct-to-consumer fintech solutions.


As we support our Client-Partners digital transformation objectives, we leverage our own experience around how profoundly our own company has transformed over the years. Today, the formerly separate ASAPP and Lucidia internal groups have come together as a single ASAPP OXP team, offering an easy to-implement Software Platform and ROI-driven marketing solutions through our Platform Strategies.

The Evolution of ASAPP OXP

Provided marketing solutions and strategic services to credit unions across Canada
2001 - 2020
Developed our first online account origination solution
2013 - 2020
Created Canada’s most complete omnichannel experience platform
2015 - Present



Our Client-Partners
Tandia Credit Union
DUCA Credit Union
Prospera Credit Union
FirstOntario Credit Union
Bayview Credit Union
Encompass Credit Union
Beaubear Credit Union
Northern Credit Union
Community Credit Union
Consolidated Credit Union
Credit Union Atlantic
Eagle River Credit Union
East Coast Credit Union
Leading Edge Credit Union
EasternEdge Credit Union
Evangeline-Central Credit Union
Victory Credit Union
Hamilton Sound Credit Union
Advance Savings Credit Union
LaHave River Credit Union
Malpeque Bay Credit Union
Morell Credit Union
NCTA Credit Union
Souris Credit Union
Omista Credit Union
Prarie Centre Credit Union
Provincial Credit Union
Reddy Kilowatt Credit Union
Valley Credit Union
Tignish Credit Union
Public Service Credit Union
The Police Credit Union
First Choice Savings and Credit Union
Lake View Credit Union



Our Strategic Partners
Canada Post
Central 1
Coherent Solutions