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Your Team Working from Home?

Your Team Working from Home?

We are, too. So, we thought we’d share our top 10 tips to help keep you productive (and connected).

September 29 2020

ASAPP is all about mobility. So flex scheduling, which allows our staff to work from home every now and again, is nothing new or challenging.

With COVID-19, though, remote schedules have taken on a whole new meaning. We know a lot of you are facing some challenges associated with this new way of working, which is why we’re excited to share our Top 10 Tips for Working from Home. 

  1. Keep a Routine. Even though you’re at home, it’s important to stick to your regular schedule as much as possible. Get up at the same time. Dress similarly to how you do in the office. Even take your regularly scheduled lunch break. This will help to make things feel more normal, not to mention you won’t feel so sluggish. Sadly, this definitely means getting up more than five minutes before your workday begins.
  2. Set up a Dedicated Workspace. Work-life-balance is a big deal. So is creating a separate space while you work from home to stop you from straying to the couch (and an impromptu streamlining session on Netflix). Dedicate a specific room or space in your home to help create some separation between work and play.
  3. Stay Connected. It’s easy to feel lonely when you’re working from home, especially if you’re used to a bustling, busy office space. But just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you can’t stay connected to your team, friends and family. Video calls can give you a huge boost. Our team is currently having daily morning virtual stand-up get-togethers hosted by Microsoft Teams. It’s a great way to check-in on each other, stay up-to-date and feel more connected.
  4. Have a Plan. Think ahead and lay out what you’re going to work on every day, what’s due or any looming deadlines that may be coming. Having structure ahead of time will help you stick to it, while providing an effective barrier for when those moments of distraction strike (because they will).
  5. Stay Active. If you work in an office like we do, you’d be surprised how much moving you do. Walking to meetings, taking the stairs, to grab a coffee. It adds up. And its exercise you may not realize you aren’t getting anymore. So, to stay active while working from home, take a break to walk around your neighbourhood, or, get the blood flowing with an at-home workout (check out YouTube for some great ideas). No matter what you do, staying active is a great way to stay sharp, both mentally and physically.
  6. Practice Self Care. Yeah, we know. This statement is everywhere nowadays. But more than ever, taking care of yourself is priority number one. Whether it’s finishing that book you’ve been reading, taking a steaming hot bubble bath or anything in between, taking some ‘me time’ is important, so never forget.
  7. Sleep on it. With your daily commute temporarily in the rear view mirror, not to mention the time it takes to get you ready to head out the door, it’s easier than ever to hit that snooze button. Most experts agree the average adult needs between seven-to-nine hours of sleep per night. So making sure you’re getting enough.
  8. Take a Tech Break. Once your workday is over, keep some distance between you and your work computer and phone. Make sure to log off in the evening and enjoy a little relaxation period.
  9. Stay Engaged. Try something new or pick up an old hobby to help keep that brain functioning at optimal levels. Watercolour painting, creative writing, online tutorials (preferably not work related). The options are pretty much endless, so be sure to pick something that interests and challenges you.
  10. Be Kind. There’s a lot going on and it feels like every hour there’s more breaking news. But we’re all in this together. We need to remember to thank the frontline staff who can’t work from home, the mail carriers bringing us our Amazon orders, the nurses, physicians and medical staff doing their part to keep us safe. So, it’s our turn to do our part, stay home and be compassionate.


Stay safe and healthy. We’re here to support you through this challenging time. If you want to reach out, have questions or just need someone to chat to, feel that human connect by emailing us at 

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