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ASAPP OXP launches version 11.0, the most comprehensive update yet

ASAPP OXP launches version 11.0, the most comprehensive update yet

February 4 2021 TORONTO and SAULT STE. MARIE, ON

This week, ASAPP OXP has begun deploying UAT versions of its much-anticipated ASAPP 11.0 release to credit unions across Canada. This extensive update is packed with powerful new features, design improvements and user experience enhancements. 

The 11.0 release is the culmination of 14 months of user experience research, planning, development, quality assurance, security and integration testing. Since ASAPP was launched in 2015, it has seen constant updates, but 11.0 is the most substantial yet, which is a testament to the platform’s continual evolution.


ASAPP 11.0 Highlights

New ASAPP identFI Biometric Identity Verification (powered by Jumio®)

New member origination has been streamlined with the addition of ASAPP identFI, which introduces the option of single-method, FINTRAC-compliant biometric identity verification. New applicants can now be verified simply by uploading or taking a picture of a government-issued identification document as well as a biometric facial scan with certified liveness detection.

New ASAPP inSIGHT Lending Adjudication Dashboard (powered by Flinks®)

This feature incorporates a unique set of data elements, selected from Flinks overall Attributes technology, into a custom dashboard within ASAPP that provides CU Client-Partners the ability to access banking transactional activity to analyze credit risk of prospective members.

Re-envisioned User Experience Flow

Significant changes have been incorporated into the ASAPP front-end application flow, based on months of research, user, credit union and ASAPP team member interviews. The overall user journey has been simplified and shortened by optimizing user interface design to enhance speed-to-complete and member satisfaction.

New Business AOS and LOS User Interface

While the non-linear powerful workflow components of ASAPP’s Business Account and Lending Origination solution remain, the functionality and look and feel has been completely revamped to a modern, clean and intuitive design.

Some other important enhancements contained in ASAPP 11.0 include:

  • Overdraft protection product available through Retail AOS
  • Improved content management functionality
  • New Document Portal to facilitate secured file transfers from applicants


Learn more about the exciting new features of ASAPP 11.0!


ASAPP 11.0 follows shortly after the Fall 2020 release of ASAPP 10.0, which also brought to life a significant range of new functionality, primarily focused on ASAPP’s omnichannel lending origination solution.

A few highlights from the past release include:

  • Genworth® high-ratio mortgage insurance integration (via direct API from ASAPP)
  • Introduction of Equifax® Member Free Scores (providing the ability to share credit scores directly with members during the application process)
  • ASAPP omnichannel mortgage flow enhancements
  • ASAPP integration with the CUMIS® MPLOC (monthly premium line-of-credit) product


This year, ASAPP is undertaking its largest investment in roadmap development yet. It is the next important step in a vision of delivering Canada’s most complete omnichannel experience platform for regulated financial institutions. In May 2021, ASAPP will release version 12.0 which will include:

  • ASAPP integration with the CUMIS GMP (group mortgage) product
  • Equifax PPSA integration
  • The new ASAPP OXP Team Portal™ which will offer a centralized portal for all current and future ASAPP features
  • Brand new ASAPP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) feature sets including automated new member onboarding following member origination


If you are interested in becoming an ASAPP Client-Partner or want to learn more about our Customer Experience Software and Platform Strategy Solutions, please visit or request a demo today.

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ASAPP delivers Custom Experience Software and Platform Strategy Solutions that create sustainable competitive advantages for regulated financial service providers as they compete against direct-to-consumer fintech solutions. ASAPP OXP is Canada’s most complete omnichannel experience platform for the financial services industry.

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