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ASAPP OXP Launches Version 17 with Significant New LOS and CRM Capabilities (1)

ASAPP OXP Launches Version 17 with Significant New LOS and CRM Capabilities

March 22 2024 Toronto, ON | Sault Ste. Marie, ON | Petoskey, MI

ASAPP Financial Technology is excited to announce that ASAPP OXP® Version 17 was released on Monday, March 18th. This Roadmap Enhancement release includes several exciting new features and platform enhancements to the Origination and Engagement feature sets and represents the most ambitious version release of the platform since inception.

New Features

The lending capabilities for both retail and business applications have been integrated with the new ASAPP OXP multiMATRIX™ Lending Adjudication Engine, which supports several new decisioning parameters, exclusion criteria, and rate modifiers. Approval and rate models are now managed centrally within the ASAPP OXP Team Portal™ to facilitate model management and product configuration, allowing models to be shared across similar products. The omnichannel lending retail application flow has been enhanced to support multiple lending products on individual applications, including umbrella credit approvals, and the overall flows for both the retail and business applications have been streamlined through the re-integration efforts to the new adjudication engine. These enhancements improve the overall user experience and empower staff to support adjudication and approvals for applications from the backend administrator portals in new ways. Staff now have access to new lending summary views, calculation breakdowns and summaries, override capabilities, and can now switch lending products on applications.

Staff Benefits

The origination capabilities have been enhanced to allow in-branch staff more tools to pre-populate applications and allow applicants to be manually added or removed post-application submission.  Backend staff can add or remove applicants during the application review process, reducing the need to run new applications to support cases of post-application applicant additions or removals.  The retail and business digital application processes have been integrated with the new Equifax Kount Identity Verification™ solution that helps to verify the identity of applicants to create a faster, more secure business environment.

The CRM feature set has been enhanced to support non-Member profiles, with the ability to track profile and contact information.  Conversations, interactions and opportunities can be associated to these profiles, and will migrate through to the full Member profiles once they originate and become a member of the financial institution.  New reporting capabilities exist for task and referral reporting, to facilitate ongoing management and review of the activities managed through the ASAPP OXP Team Portal™.  The Origination feature sets have been more tightly integrated to the CRM feature set, which can now support auto sales creation during Origination core banking commits, as well as the ability to automatically initiate workflows for specific application types or products.

Ongoing Support

To support the overall end-to-end use cases and future reporting requirements, the ASAPP OXP Data Warehouse has been extended to integrate data from both the Origination and Engagement feature sets. This facilitates reporting on activity across the ASAPP OXP | Omnichannel Experience Platform and will support new flags and indicators for use within the ASAPP OXP Opportunity Engine™.

“The ASAPP OXP Version 17.0 Roadmap Enhancement release represents the most significant set of capabilities introduced to our platform in a single release,” noted Steve Sauve, Chief Product Officer. He continued, “This release is the culmination of significant efforts from both the ASAPP OXP Platform Development team and our Client-Partners, who were heavily engaged in the planning, development and testing of these capabilities.”

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