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ASAPP OXP unlocks new features with the launch of version 12.0 and upcoming release of version 13.0

ASAPP OXP unlocks new features with the launch of version 12.0 and upcoming release of version 13.0

July 27 2022 Toronto, ON | Sault Ste. Marie, ON

This summer, ASAPP continues to take important steps in sustaining a vision of being Canada’s most complete omnichannel experience platform for regulated financial institutions. In June, ASAPP OXP deployed the production version of its much-anticipated ASAPP version 12.0 release to credit unions across Canada. The update included new features, design improvements and user experience enhancements.


The 12.0 release included over 6 months of user experience research, planning, agile development, quality assurance, security and integration testing. With continuous updates to the Platform since its launch in October 2015, ASAPP maintains a commitment to garnering and acting on feedback from our valued Client-Partners.


ASAPP 12.0 Highlights

CUMIS Group Mortgage Protection (GMP) Integration

New member loan origination has been streamlined with the introduction of GMP Insurance for mortgages, for both online and in-branch application flows. In addition, Client-Partners can leverage the GMP creditor protection benefits program with their loan product suite in-branch, including lending facilities greater than $50,000 and / or members looking to add Loss of Employment protection plans to their credit facilities.


ASAPP OXP uniCORE™ Expansion with the DNA® Core API Connector

ASAPP developed this leading-edge technology to address the need for more agile, fast, and cost-efficient core banking connections in the Canadian credit union environment. ASAPP OXP uniCORE™, ASAPP’s Unified Core Banking Connection Engine, established as a middleware layer built on a modern Microsoft .NET Core microservice architecture, has been expanded to support DNA core API users and their connections to ASAPP OXP’s Origination and Engagement software.  These enhanced services offer credit unions a more efficient way to support their retail / business deposit and lending account creation, card agreements, eAgreements, custom user fields configuration, improved committal interface / flow, and ASAPP OXP Engagement software capabilities (CRM, ECM, and Opportunity Management).


ASAPP Data Warehouse

Consolidating data from multiple sources to produce valuable insights, the ASAPP Data Warehouse is the key data store within the ASAPP OXP Data Junction™ framework which will be unveiled at the Fall 2022 Partner Forum. Capabilities include access to member and account-level trends and indicators and opportunity generation within the Team Portal. Additionally, PowerBI connections can be leveraged for more advanced dashboarding or querying from the aggregate data set.


ASAPP OXP Opportunity Engine™

The version 12.0 launch brings new perspectives to credit union Client-Partners licensing the Engagement feature sets.  Users can delve into and gain insight on member relationships through the release of the ASAPP OXP Opportunity Engine™. This new feature’s easy-to-use interface returns results in only a few seconds with query execution against core banking data. This feature quickly generates lists of members for opportunity assignment to staff, with workflows and tasks assigned automatically. In the initial release, team members can locate results using over 30 aggregate totals, 20 flags, 40 member-level attributes, and 35 product-level attributes.


Some other important improvements contained in ASAPP 12.0 include:

  • New content block introductions for Jumio® and Flinks to improve messaging
  • New conditions section embedded into all applications
  • New UX/UI functionality added to streamline administrative processes, leverage expanded document library capabilities, and application status
  • Enhanced functionality introduced to Origination platform so staff can efficiently manage relevant data elements, adjust product workflows and debt servicing calculations

There wasn’t much time for summer vacation for the ASAPP team - fast on the heels of version 12, ASAPP is delivering the upcoming August UAT release of version 13.0.


ASAPP version 13.0 represents another huge leap forward with the introduction of Straight-Through Processing capability within the ASAPP Origination feature sets and Enterprise Content Management capability within the ASAPP Engagement feature sets.


ASAPP 13.0 Highlights

ASAPP OXP Team Portal™ General Availability for all Client-Partners

In version 11.0, the ASAPP OXP Team Portal™ was first introduced and provided credit union team members leveraging ASAPP OXP Engagement feature sets with a new access point to the Platform. As part of the version 12.0 release, ASAPP turned its focus to enhancing the overall UX/UI. With version 13.0, the ASAPP OXP Team Portal™ is being released to all Client-Partners as a new centralized access point for all ASAPP Platform users, whether accessing either Origination or Engagement feature sets. The new interface allows credit unions to leverage single sign-on capabilities (across ASAPP feature sets), streamline their internal communication strategies (including managing announcements and configurable links), tailor how Origination and Engagement content is displayed and centralize user management within one centralized administration portal for all ASAPP capabilities, which are available 24/7/365, from anywhere, across any internet-connected digital or mobile device.


ASAPP OXP Enterprise Content Management

  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM) allowing secure, intuitive, and efficient document oversight by staff. ECM functionality will be rolled out in version 13.0 to ASAPP’s strategic testing and deployment partner and available for broad release in version 14.0.

  • The ECM feature set allows: file and folder creation with advanced search capabilities, typing, sub-typing and tagging files for quick locating, linking files to member profiles, Member-linked files to automatically appear in CRM Member Profiles, group-level folder and sub-folder access in to restrict access to specific folders within your organization and bulk downloading files based on selected folder and search results.

  • This integration supports auto upload and tagging of all ASAPP Origination documents to the ECM.


Straight-Through Processing for ASAPP OXP Origination (AOS)

  • New capabilities have been introduced to support straight-through processing, allowing new Members applying for digital accounts to have instant account and member share provisioning, card provisioning and digital banking access.

  • This new functionality is currently available for uniCORE-to-DNA and uniCORE-to-Xchange-to-DNA connections



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ASAPP delivers Custom Experience Software and Platform Strategy Solutions that create sustainable competitive advantages for regulated financial service providers as they compete against direct-to-consumer fintech solutions. ASAPP OXP is Canada’s most complete omnichannel experience platform for the financial services industry. 


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